Russell Management Group Leverages Process Improvement to Streamline Operations

Reuben Russell

October 15, 2020

Russell Management Group

Eliminating Waste to Drive Efficiency and Reduce the Cost of Quality

Huntsville, AL, Sept 25, 2020 – Russell Management Group is streamlining clients’ operations through effective project management and process improvement. System optimization is the result of carefully designed, well-managed projects that reduce the cost of poor quality

Russell Management Group engagements span all project management stages from initializing through closing, leveraging clients’ team members’ strengths, and Russell Management Group’s consultants’ expertise. Reducing waste, such as delays, rework and over-processing, are common outcomes of project implementation. This is attributable to process improvement concepts, including Lean, Six Sigma, and the Cost of Quality.

With the waste reduction, talent is better utilized within organizations, and productive capacity is enhanced while minimizing cycle times and improving customer satisfaction. Whether the Russell Management Group is developing web-based custom applications or automating formerly manual processes, identifying and reducing waste is a priority. Various project management and quality assurance tools are utilized to document and eliminate waste while simultaneously creating an audit trail.

Six Sigma methodologies, such as identifying the common cause and special cause variation, are utilized to reduce defects within processes and systems. This approach allows for an objective review and analysis of legacy and new solutions, helping clients optimize their operations and improve employee satisfaction. Six Sigma and Lean are often used in tandem with project management to enhance process improvement opportunities.

The cost of quality, which are expenses associated with internal or external failures and prevention or appraisal activities, are reduced with effective project management. These costs are identified during project planning and throughout engagements to help clients optimize their income statements for the long-term. The cost of quality can be hard to quantify or identify, but the Russell Management Group can help illuminate these expenses and assist with mitigation, 

In addition to process improvement, the Russell Management Group also offers data and requirement analysis, management reporting, performance management, and change management. Through custom engagements tailored to clients’ specific requirements, the Russell Management Group adds value and streamlines operations while reducing costs, improving customer satisfaction, and increasing profitability.

Russell Management Group is a consulting firm specializing in enterprise project management solutions and web-based custom application development for governmental entities. Reuben Russell, founder, and owner of the Russell Management Group has over 17 years of experience as a Certified Project Management Professional.