Reuben Russell Discusses Creating Custom Project Management Solutions

Reuben Russell

September 9, 2020

Reuben Russell

 In a world where nothing is truly constant except for constant change, it is essential to deploy strategic organizational tactics. This is particularly true when managing projects because not having effective project management in place can wield detrimental damage to the existence of businesses and organizations. At the heart of every business, organization or cause is a mission. To achieve this mission, there are multiple tasks that have to be carefully managed and completed. By creating and organizing projects to complete those tasks, it allows agencies to speed up their processes. With faster processing comes the ability to achieve project completion, which then allows agencies to advance their missions.

Reuben Russell knows this all too well and has spent the last 20 years refining advanced project management practices. His high-level skill set has been used in many industries and by numerous companies and organizations all over the globe. As the CEO and founder of Russell Management Group, Reuben uses his consulting skills to help enterprises create custom project management solutions. Much of his time is spent using web-based application development strategies to create solutions for state and federal government entities. One of the ways in which he helps the federal government is by providing ongoing business and scheduling support to NASA.

It has been Reuben’s ability to adapt to new situations and environments that have allowed him to gain such superior project management skills. No matter the client, no matter the environment, no matter the problem, he approaches every project with a laser-focus on efficiency and out-of-the-box thinking. Reuben Russell has a firm understanding of the economical concepts, allowing him to leverage the use of management reporting, change management practices, and data performance indicators. Because he can supervise and manage multiple projects while staying within budget limits, he has become a highly-desired asset to multiple agencies and organizations operating around the globe.

Some of the professional organizations Reuben Russell has joined include One Hundred Black Men of Birmingham, Business Council of Alabama, Alabama Financial Institute Special Interest Group, Project Management Institute, and many more. Some of the ways RMG gives back to the community include annual to the John Stallworth Golf Tournament and the Huntsville Inner-City Church of Christ. Reuben is also a mentor through the Huntsville Inner-City Church of Christ.

With his first-class skills and passion for helping others, Reuben Russell and RMG are expected to expand their presence throughout the globe over the next few decades.