Reuben Russell of Birmingham Discusses Today’s Top Project Management Software

Reuben Russell

December 29, 2020

Reuben Russell of Birmingham

Reuben Russell from Birmingham believes that few business owners intend to run their business forever. In fact, many consider their small businesses as launch pads for bigger opportunities. In order to grow your business to enterprise-level proportions, consider incorporating project management software to keep your business organized and promote collaboration, according to Reuban Russell Birmingham

Reuben Russell Birmingham’s Favorite Project Management Tools

Some PM applications focus on small businesses. Others provide tools with a bigger picture in mind, according to Reuben Russel of Birmingham. To grow big, you have to think big too, with the right project management tools, you can feel more inspired and develop detailed plans to meet your goals.


See Reuben Russell Birmingham’s top picks for software that can tame your large business or grow your small business to meet your dreams.


  1. Toggl Plan is Reuben Russell Birmingham’s Top Pick

Reuben Russell from Birmingham highly recommends this useful tool. It’s great for small teams. Toggl Plan supports up to 100 users. It works whether you want to manage tasks or plan big projects. It’s an enterprise-level tool that will grow with your business. The premium edition features custom colors, road maps, and an annual view. Sign up for the free version and see what a difference an organization can make. It’s a better alternative than hiring an admin.


  1. Clarizen

Clarizen has a user-friendly interface and great security features, according to Reuben Russell Birmingham. This powerful software keeps your teams on track and helps you assign and track whether a task had been done. It starts at $45.00 a month but is well worth the fee. If your business is growing and you need to scale quickly, this is one of the best tools you can choose, Reuben Russell says.


  1. Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a unique product that will appeal to spreadsheet lovers. This combination application has project management tools and also can generate spreadsheets. Large companies such as HP and Cisco use this as well as Netflix. Reuben Russell Birmingham recommends it for small businesses with big plans as it provides many options that larger companies use in the entry-level version. It costs about $25 per month.



Keep things simple with It has all the basic features plus a simple and easy to run the interface. It can integrate with over 400 tools such as Evernote, Slack, and Dropbox. Use it with tools that you already love to organize projects and assign tasks across platforms, says Reuben Russell Birmingham.